Construction of a new park at the headquarters of Canal de Isabel II in Madrid

Construction of a new park at the headquarters of Canal de Isabel II in Madrid

The project consists of two assignments on the plot of land where the central offices of the public company Canal de Isabel II are located in the Chamberí district of Madrid: Renovation of the western edge for the construction of a landscaped walkway and an open access recreation area. Replacement of the perimeter enclosure to unify the corporate image with the facility’s green areas.

Canal de Isabel II, S.A.
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas
Renovation of the green area
An area of more than 3,700 m2 is to be renovated in order to create a space for open-air walking and recreation with activities for all ages. After the demolition of the existing car park, the park area will be extended and a series of small pathways will be added, the layout and areas of which will take into account the vegetation, and above all, the enclosure’s woodland. For its conservation, an automatic irrigation network will be installed with remote management, drip lines and diffusers with low water consumption. 
The facilities will be revitalised with diverse and aromatic species of shrubs, perennials, 50 large trees and Canary Island date palms. Furthermore, a vertical garden or green wall measuring 240 m2 will be designed with an automatic hydroponic watering system, an 8,000 litre tank and 7,000 plants from 14 different species. 

Children’s games adapted to different abilities will be installed. A biohealthy circuit will be constructed for physical activities, with calisthenic bars. The street furniture, signage, the LED lighting with a regulation system, ornamental spotlights and decorative LED beacons will complement the new park, which will be open to Madrid’s citizens.

Replacement of the perimeter enclosure
The other phase consists of the construction of a new exterior perimeter enclosure for the plot, measuring 500 linear metres, adjacent to Calle José Abascal and Calle Bravo Murillo. The foundations have been created using reinforced concrete strip footing, a brick wall with a thickness of one and a half feet and 120 35x35 reinforced concrete pilasters placed every 4.2 metres. Each pilaster—which are granite-plated—is superbly finished with a carved coping stone in bush-hammered limestone. The pilasters are also finished with a four-sided carved coping stone and topped off with a special piece with a carved ornamental neck and ball made with the same limestone. Ornamental ironwork between the pilasters unifies the enclosure’s visual identity with the rest of the Canal de Isabel II facilities.
To complement the work, the Bravo Murillo monument will be restored under instructions from the Office for Historical Heritage at the Municipal Government of Madrid. 

This job has been carried out by UTE Parque Bravo Murillo formed by the following Sorigué companies: Ambitec, Acsa Obras e Infraestructuras and Constraula.


Technical data

Main service details
Total paved area 

Photocatalytic cobblestone: 635 m2
Grano screed: 160 m2
Rubber paving: 385 m2
IPE hardwood flooring: 85 m2
Grass pavers: 220 m2
Total landscaped area: 2,510 m2
Meadows and grass: 840 m2
Meadows of Dichondra repens (low water consumption): 670 m.