We are a dynamic and leading group of companies in the technology and water engineering, services, construction and materials sectors who practices the circular economy with a clear commitment to innovate and to give back to society.

Founded in 1954, it has its origins in manufacturing aggregates and asphalt treatment.

Throughout the years the company has undergone a steady, continuous growth, along with an increase in turnover, staff and means of production, having as a result the opportunity to diversify in other areas.

In these 60 years, the group has evolved to respond to market demands, maintaining excellent relationships with its customers and suppliers, allowing the company to reinvest in technical and human resources.

Sorigué has kept a leading role developing new products and working methods, in constant evolution in order to create value in each part of the process and, innovating pursuing excellence.

Sorigué has developed a comprehensive business model with offices located in all major Spanish cities, operating throughout Spain and completing important projects.