Adapted play area in the Barcelona Zoo

Zona de juegos adaptados en el Zoo de Barcelona

Adapted play area in the Barcelona Zoo

October 2016 - December 2016
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The purpose of this project is to construct an area that complements the children’s playground, suitable for persons with disabilities or limited mobility. 

The project consists of the development of a playground area suited to persons with disabilities or limited mobility in the Barcelona Zoo, to complement the current facility.

The space for the new area is a plant bed with an area of approximately 780 m2, located between the existing area and the flamingo exhibit.

The following criteria have been taken into account for the execution of the project: 

- Maintenance and protection of existing trees  
- Easy, unobstructed access (slopes, access areas, height variations, safety distances between the playground equipment, obstacles, etc.).
- Integration of the new area with the existing one.
- Coexistence with the animals during the work phase and in conjunction with the public opening.


Technical data

Play Area 307.28 m2

Adapted Itinerary 182.38 m2

Green Space 288.70 m2

HAGS Adapted Playground Equipment

1. Basket-style swings - 5-12 year 
2. Merry-go-round - 5-12 years 
3. Multiple play equipment - 2-12 years 
4. Multiple play equipment - 2-5 years 
5. See-saw - 5-12 years 
6. Spring - 2-5 years 
7. Game table (2) 5-12 years 
8. Ficatdogs game panel 2-5 years 
9. Telephones (2x2)