Urbanization of the Turó del Putxet park

Urbanization of the Turó del Putxet park

Landscaping works over 1.15 hectares of land located in the calle Manacor area adjoining the Putxet Park.

Instituto Municipal de Parques y Jardines de Barcelona.
From May 2010 to March 2011
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

Landscaping located in the calle Manacor area, adjoining the park (degraded forest area and improvised car park before the works began) to turn it into an accessible park. Includes adaptation of the architectural and plant elements and infrastructures within the scope.

Works executed 

Demolition: Demolition of the existing buildings and recycling 4,000 m3 of materials.
Water collection: 500 metres of tongues of recycled gravel and natural stone leading to the well.
Walls: 900 m3 of gabion walls with stairs and ramps.
Parking spaces: The number of parking spaces in calle Manacor has been doubled.


Gardening work: Planting 113 trees, 16,000 ground cover plants and low bushes and 350 climbing plants. Transplanting 18 palm trees, 13 trees and 27 bushes. 
New facilities: Installation of a new children’s play area, an area for dogs and 72 urban fixtures.