Improvement and organisation of the rest area

Improvement and organisation of the rest area

Project to improve and organise the rest area at Km 246 + 265 Sur, Dual carriageway AP-7 (Tarragona).

2010 (2 months)
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

Improvement and organisation of the spaces related to the rest area on the AP-7 at the level of the Pont del Diable.

Due to its special site, by the Roman aqueduct of las Ferreres, and taking into account the small sizes, a full improvement of the area was performed, mainly acting on the main points:

Amendment of the tertiary part.
Organisation of the roadways and parking areas.
Picnic area created off the parking apron. 
Installation of a viewpoint overlooking the aqueduct.
Installation of an overpass for pedestrians of treated wood, access to the aqueduct area.
Tree and bush plantation.
Hydrosowing throughout the whole area.
Asphalting and vertical and horizontal signage


Technical data

Civil works 

Strimming: 4,000 m².
Excavation and filling: 4,614 m².
Cobble paving: 1,300 m².
Concrete curb: 145 l.m

Wood elements  

Railings: 315 m.
Pavements: 126 m².
Furnishing elements: 12 units



Trees: 158 units
Bushes: 360 units
Flowers: 1,200 units