Remodeling of Plaza España square in Sabadell

Remodeling of Plaza España square in Sabadell

This represents stage two of the "Remodeling of the land planning in Plaza España” project; this stage has been divided into two areas, civil engineering and landscaping, in order to collaborate with companies that specialize in each field. Gardening work, carried out by Sorigué, was performed after the civil engineering works were complete, although there was one stage when both processes were running side by side and coordination with the other company was necessary.

Sabadell Municipal Government
March - December 2018
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The works in Plaza de España seek to provide the space with a new setup, creating a small production garden surrounded by a gallery forest of broad-leaved trees that follows the main water evacuation line.

The garden is located on top of the roof of ADIF's railway infrastructures, where apple trees in espaliers play a leading role. In addition, the gallery forest treetops represent the backdrop of this production garden.    

To make this possible, work has been based on amending the topography while bearing in mind one of the main conditioning factors: the railway infrastructures beneath. 

Area two of this contract includes irrigation and gardening tasks once civil engineering work are complete.

The project includes:

  • Installation of the irrigation network in line with the topography and layout of the space. This includes overhead, permanent or implantation and support irrigation depending on the type of plant cover and localized irrigation.
  • Moving externally sourced soil in the plantation areas to significantly enhance soil quality, in addition to the external sourcing of planting substrate.
  • Planting and installation of different types of plant cover such as grass, hydroseeding, AF300, medium and large plants in containers, as well as planting bulbs.
  • Post-plantation tasks such as the distribution of pine bark.

Technical data

Irrigation network
Installation of irrigation:
2,500 m
Drip irrigation in tree-lined areas:
147 units
Pop-up sprinklers:
90 units

Soil work:
5,377 m²
Externally sourced soil and compost:
815 m3

Plant cover
Planting of bushes:
8,800 units

Grass surface area:
850 m²

Green surface area:
1,390 m²

Planting of trees:
172 units

93 m²