Preservation of the municipal playground areas in Alcorcón

Preservation of the municipal playground areas in Alcorcón

Maintenance and preservation of the playground and sport areas in the municipality of Alcorcón. Also includes the partial or complete remodeling of the existing areas or adding new elements. The service includes approximately 240 areas to be maintained.

Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón
Inicio: julio 2017. Duración: 2 años (+2 años)
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The service includes inspection and monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance of installations, ensuring a high level of safety for users while maintaining the recreational and aesthetic value of the structures.

- Routine weekly inspection of all installations to detect and repair any defects.

- Monthly inspection of the working condition of playground equipment and maintenance of moving parts, anchor points, gears, ropes, and hardware.

- Comprehensive annual inspection of the playground equipment and exhaustive review of all structures.

- Annual painting of structures and graffiti removal.
- Maintenance of the cushioned surface and the play areas and sandboxes.
- Repairs, urgent tasks, and renovation of playground equipment to ensure that the areas meet current regulations.
- Full cleaning of the rubberized paved areas, including trash bins.
- Maintenance of the updated inventory of playground and sport areas using free software.