People are one of the main pillars of  Sorigué’s business policy, aiming to grow as a company by empowering our workers.

We are committed to encouraging the development of our staff through a cooperative interaction that enables synergies between all members of the organization.

In order to join forces, move in the same direction and achieve high performance standards, we have identified some corporate skills, which are essential for all positions.

Sorigué staff

Average age: 44 years old.

Average seniority: 12 years old.

Corporate Skills

Teamwork and networking. Collaborative culture

It involves cooperation and collaboration on projects for achieving shared objectives, where all employees feel part of the company.

Integrity and honesty

Act according to ethical and social standards, mentioned in the code of ethics of the organization, emphasizing loyalty, honesty and sincerity.

Flexibility and adaptation to change

The ability to change personal behaviour to achieve certain goals when changes take place.

Customer orientation and service

Exceed customer expectations, both internal and external, providing the most appropriate solutions to meet their needs.

Commitment and loyalty

Guide interests and personal motivations to corporate values. It expresses the degree of commitment and involvement with the group project.

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