In-house Resources

In-house Resources

One of the group’s main strengths is the great capacity of its own means of production, which guarantees its presence and activities throughout the value chain.

Its constant growth during six decades has resulted in Sorigué having production facilities and specialized machinery with a high competitive advantage. In addition, following its commitment towards sustainability, in recent years it has added to its diverse fleet a large number of electric vehicles.

Five sites for extraction and treatment of aggregates

  • Capacity 6,000,000 tons / year.

Eight concrete plants and a mobile concrete plant

  • Production capacity of 500,000 m3 / year.

Ten asphalt mixing plants

  • A mobile plant.
  • A cold recycling station.

Three precast concrete plants

  • One factory for segmental tunnel linings.
  • One of frames and sanitation pipes.
  • A prefabricated pavement plant for urbanization.

Distribution centre for building materials

Two waste treatment and recovery plants

Four landfills

  • Three for earth.
  • A special one for construction waste.

Large fleet of multipurpose transport trucks

  • Diverse range of semitrailers.

Updated vehicles and machinery for different service companies

  • Large tonnage of cranes and excavators.
  • MáMachinery for places hard to reach.
  • Latest technology for waste management and landscape works.
  • Boat for maritime and underwater works.

Latest generation trucks and vehicles for conservation contracts

  • Specialized in winter maintenance.

Our own facilities

La Plana del Corb industrial complex

This production centre was set up over 20 years ago as an aggregate quarrying site. Now this complex in the town of Balaguer (Lleida) is a centre for a number of industrial facilities for the construction industry. 

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Research laboratory

The company has a team of technicians specialised in the development of new products and to continuously make new improvement. This work, along with quality control, is developed in the research laboratory.

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Paulina boat

Boat equipped with the latest technology to perform underwater hydraulic works, maritime works in general and underwater projects.

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