Preservation work in Parque de Solidaridad in El Prat de Llobregat

Preservation work in Parque de Solidaridad in El Prat de Llobregat

Parque de la Solidaridad, in El Prat de Llobregat, is one of the city’s most emblematic parks spanning across almost 2 ha of surface area, and playing host to diverse and mature vegetation. The original blueprint was drawn up by architect Inma Jansana in 1998. It has been restored based on an analysis of the aspects to be recovered from the original proposal.

Prat de Llobregat Municipal Government
January - May 2019
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The restoration work has sought to recover and respect the original essence of the park, while making the necessary corrections due to the passage of time and the pressure of use, to obtain a park that responds to current needs.

The aim was to enhance the types of plants, uses and movement that have been consolidated, and to change and reduce vegetation that has not worked.

In terms of paving, it has been preserved.  In the case of dirt tracks, comprehensive leveling work has been conducted. The wooden decking at the lake has been replaced.
Furniture has been relocated and additional elements have been installed. New retaining walls have been created and railings installed along some flowerbeds. Finally, new children's areas have been created.

Technical data

Dirt paving (676,50 m2)

Raised wooden walkway (30 m2)

New plantings

Shrubbery species
Westringia 'Jervis Gem'
Ceanothus griseus 'Yankee Point'
Pittosporum tobira 'Nana'
Abelia floribunda
Hebe 'Wiri Image'
Royal Bumble Sage
Teucrium fruticans
Aspirin Rose
Hemerocallis x 'Mary Guenther'

Prunus laurocerasus
Coprosma repens 'Marble Queen'
Salvia leucantha
Lonicera etrusca
Juncus effusus
Typha latifolia
Hedera hibernica
Bulbine frutescens
Tree species
Cercis canadensis
Melia azedarach
Magnolia soulangeana
Platanus x hybrida Vallis Clausa