Remodelling work at Martin Luther King Park in Madrid

Remodelling work at Martin Luther King Park in Madrid

The service involves the comprehensive remodelling of Martin Luther King Park, located in the Retiro district. Improvements were made to the green spaces, some of the street furniture was changed and new sports and children’s facilities were built. This project formed part of the framework agreement for refurbishment, repair and conservation works for all the public buildings and spaces under the authority of the Retiro district of the Municipal Council of Madrid, Lot 4: public spaces.

Retiro District (Municipal Council of Madrid)
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The renovation works included in this project comprise gardening, landscaping and civil construction works, including the following:

• Demolition of paving.
• Replacement of old street furniture with new benches and bins.
• Treatment and waterproofing of the existing retaining wall.
• Treatment of the plant screen through weeding, felling and pruning.
• Adaptation of entrances.
• Improvement to drainage systems.
• General urban development with reinforced stamped concrete pavement, finished with different colours and shapes.

• Surface treatment with polymers and acrylic resins for the paving to be preserved.
• Urban development with paving stones and granitic sand in selected recreation areas.
• Construction of a multi-sports area. 
• Assembly of children’s playground and sandpit.
• Installation of a biohealthy circuit.
• Planting of new trees and shrubbery species.
• Creation of surfaces with decorative gravel and pine bark.
• Creation of an automatic and programmable watering system.
• Replacement of lamps with new LED lighting.


Technical data

Total paved area
- 2,560 m2 with continuous reinforced stamped concrete.
- 710 m2 with paving stones.
- 1,050 m2 with granitic sand surface treatment.
- 835 m of precast kerbstones.


Total landscaped area
- 530 m2 of treated pine bark.
- 265 m2 of decorative gravel.
- 640 m2 of landscaped area.
- 1,900 shrubbery species.
- 24 tree species.
Children’s playground and sandpit
- Multi-purpose court for football and basketball.
- Sandpit: a daisy-shaped table, a gauge and a mini digger.
- A nest swing, two metal climbing frames, a rope pyramid and a merry-go-round.
Street furniture
- Biohealthy area: two sets of pedals, a figure of eight post, a stepladder post and a waist mobility station.
- 17 wooden benches, five concrete benches and two bins.
- 295 m of Sol fencing.