Exterior installations of the Can Framis museum

Exterior installations of the Can Framis museum

Works of the executive project on the premises outside the "Can Framis" museum in district 22 of Barcelona.

As.Administrativa de coop. de la unidad de actuación nº1 del peri del sector Campus Audiovisual
From 2009 to 2010
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

Project by the Landscape Architect Martí Franch. It is a park where forestry sets the tone, with poplar and oak plantations, simulating woodland with narrow concrete paths surrounded by ivy covered dunes.

Due to the project recovering the former factory buildings Can Framis, the average level of the garden and the museum buildings are approximately 1.5 m below street level. That fact means the museum and garden are considered a floodable area.

In order to provide a solution to guarantee swift evacuation of rain water, construction of an underground concrete tank was designed, to collect the rain water and subsequently pump it to the sewer network.