Rehabilitation of the Mas Ravetllat in the Guinardó neighborhood

Rehabilitation of the Mas Ravetllat in the Guinardó neighborhood

Creation of various leisure spaces within a park that is open to the public. The works will take place on a 3.6-hectare agricultural property, Mas Ravetllat, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. This green island is home to various spaces: forested areas, orchards, and a home garden with period sculptures and fountains closer to the house.

Barcelona de Infraestructuras Municipales SA (BIMSA)
Start: May 2018. Duration: 17 months
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The project will involve creating various leisure spaces within the park that will become open to the public. 

The design includes: 
- Accessible paths to reach all areas.

- An inclusive playground area.

- A home garden, close to the house, with restoration work on the historic and artistic heritage.

- Pre-fabricated grandstands made of a combination of concrete and grass.

- Perimeter fencing around the area of the park that is most easily visible from the street.

- Two shaded areas with iron and wood pergolas: one at the Ronda Guindardó viewing point and the other at the top of the stands.

- Two viewing points: one on the Ronda Guinardó hill with a spectacular view of the city, and the other of the wetland area and park gardens.

- Three ponds at different levels, connected with water recirculation.

- Wetland surrounding the pond close to the gardens.

- Garden area closed to the general public.


Technical data

  • Excavation of 7,000 m3 and leveling of 8,880 m3 of dirt to reach the desired elevations.
  • Installation of the drainage network. 
  • Unpaved trails and stabilized ground. 
  • Construction of stairs for access from Av. Virgen de Montserrat.
  • A BDU playground set.
  • Restoration of the historical heritage by the company Rehabilit. 
  • Planting of 110 trees.
  • Planting of 112,571 shrubs on weed-control fabric.
  • Living willow tree enclosure – 682 ml.
  • Creation of a live willow igloo for playground equipment.