Conservation of Bosque de Volpelleres park in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Conservation of Bosque de Volpelleres park in Sant Cugat del Vallès

The work only applies to the area intended for the urban park, approximately 117,626 m2. The forest and the path in the park have landscape and vegetation features that differ from the conventional image of an urban park. Therefore, the work seeks to make it more accessible and, at the same time, guarantee its care and conservation, preserving its status as a forest within the urban environment.

Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)
February - May 2019
Type of service:
Works of landscaped areas

The work at Bosque de Volpelleres park seeks to increase the accessibility and improve the service provided to the local urban area while preserving the area’s status as a forest.

To make this possible, minimum actions have been performed such as:

  • Treating certain sections of the existing path; flattening the slope, widening the width and/or correcting curves to, for example, allow fire truck access.
  • Creation of 2 auxiliary paths with access for pedestrians and fire or maintenance vehicles. 

To this end, tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Paving sections where the characteristics of the terrain cause greater deterioration, in addition to the containment of walls.
  • The construction of maintenance premises (36-m2 building constructed by Constraula, a Group company, and a 120-m2 outdoor enclosure).
  • Creation of the children's play area, rest areas and a viewpoint, all equipped with the relevant urban furniture.

In terms of vegetation, the proposal involves:

  • Conservation of the flora associated with the river, formed by native trees. 
  • Regeneration of the pine area where selective felling is being contemplated, clearing fallen trees and selective clearing of shrubs.

Technical data

New service path:
545 m
5.291 m
125 m2

Felling exemplary trees:
500 units
Selective clearing of bushes:
57.120 m2
High-difficulty clearing (due to species or orography):
10.200 m2

Urban furniture and playground equipment
Wooden railing
Parc de Collserola:

180.7 m
Benches and steel trash cans
chop back:

14 units and 7 units
Playground area

1 slide, 2 swings and 3 springs
Set of sports equipment