Subsidiary interventions in public spaces

Subsidiary interventions in public spaces

Subsidiary intervention agreements are a tool used by the Districts and Directorate Generals of the Municipal Government of Madrid that allow repair and replacement interventions to be carried out in public spaces, mainly in response to private actions that break regulations. Sorigué has made various agreements of this kind since 2015.

Municipal Government of Madrid
January 2015 - October 2020
Type of service:
Public roads and signage

District Councils
The Framework Agreements cover subsidiary interventions derived from works and interventions in removal and disassembly orders for work and interventions in public spaces under the jurisdiction of the Districts.
Chamartín District
Duration of the Framework Agreement: From January 2015 to December 2016 (1 year + 1 year)
Area: 919.57 ha
Population: 142,610 inhabitants (2016)
Chamberí District
Duration of the Framework Agreement: From April 2017 to March 2019 (1 year + 1 year)
Area: 469.22 ha
Population: 137,532 inhabitants (2016)
This agreement covers interventions carried out as a consequence of noncompliance with: 

  • The granted terms of authorization or the unauthorized installation of terraces and kiosks for the hotel and restaurant sectors. 
  • The requirement to remove the press kiosk once authorization has expired or obligations that are inherent to the authorized activity, such as the removal and/or scrapping of kiosks and movement of the same.
  • The obligations assumed by the owners of the roadways, such as the removal of islands and signage that are unauthorized and/or damaged.

 It also includes those interventions carried out to remove current features of public thoroughfares, authorization for which is under the jurisdiction of the District Council under the protection of the Regulatory Municipal Order of Street Vending.
General Management of Water and Green Spaces
This Framework Agreement extends the scope for interventions to the entirety of the Municipality of Madrid on any city-owned public thoroughfare or space. Interventions are carried out to repair or rectify problems arising from privately-owned features or installations that affect public thoroughfares and pose a risk to people and infrastructures, acting only when it is considered necessary to eliminate an imminent threat.
This mainly covers interventions such as: 

  • Trimming, logging and clearance. 
  • Repair of sinkhole that require urgent intervention as a consequence of the rupture or flooding of a residential sanitation connection.

Duration of the Framework Agreement: From November 2016 to October 2019 (2 years + 1 year)