Maintaining the navigability of the Ebro river

Maintaining the navigability of the Ebro river

Working maintaining the navigability of the Ebro river between Ascó and Amposta.

Institute for the development of the Ebro Region (IDECE)
From 2015 to 2018
Type of service:
Public roads and signage
1.261.197€/year (VAT not included)

It consists of inspecting, preserving and maintenance of the Ebro river navigable channel between Ascó and Amposta.

Having knowledge of the navigation conditions on stretches to carry out the most appropriate actions in order to ensure normal navigation and safety conditions.

That means to inspect and correct anomalies to restore normal operation conditions. It includes signalling using buoys for the waterway, performing preventive maintenance of the river by dredging, collecting seaweed, etc.


Technical data

Services implemented

Inspecciones del río garantizando el buen estado de:

  • Buoying and signalling elements.
  • Depth of the navigating channel.
  • Jetties.
  • Flow rate.
  • Environmental status of the water.

Help for navigation:

  • Attention to incidents and accidents.
  • Supporting recreational activities.
  • Taking out objects.
  • Application and removal of occasional signalling.
  • Actions to prevent the propagation of the zebra mussel.


Preservation and repair:

  • Dredging of the riverbed and transport of the material dredged to designated areas.
  • Supply, placement and repair of damaged areas in the jetties.
  • Mowing of macrophytes in the navigating channel and transport of the mowed material to the collection area.

Service means

Surveillance and support for navigation:

  • Staff

    • 3 skippers + 4 workers.
  • Assigned means
    • 3 surveillance boats.
    • 1 emergency boat.
    • 2 tugboats.
    • 1 bathymetric boat.
    • 1 aluminium shipper.
    • 1 cleaning team.


Preservation and repair:

  • Staff

    • 3 skippers + 4 workers.
  • Assigned means
    • 1 pontoon backhoe.
    • 1 pontoon freight box.
    • 1 self-propelled pontoon.
    • 2 tugboats.
    • 1 mowing collector.
    • 1 seaweed cutter boat.

Control centre and communications
1 technician, 1 administrative, 180m2 offices, 6.000 m2 warehouse located in Mora de Ebro .