Maintenance of public road - District of Sant Marti

Maintenance of public road - District of Sant Marti

Maintenance of public road equipment for the different districts in Barcelona. Batch 10, District of Sant Marti.

Barcelona City Council
From 2015 to 2016 (can be extended until 2018)
Type of service:
Public roads and signage
1.160.353,02 € (VAT not included)

Corrective maintenance implementation (scheduled or not scheduled) of construction equipment and other equipment from different districts that belong to Barcelona’s City Council, without interrupting the citizens and their mobility around the city.

Tasks done for this project cover all those works related to repair, improvement, replacement and reform of pavements as well as street furniture.

Furthermore, signalling and adaptation of areas affected by accidents, incidents, vandalism, parties, public events, construction of private roads, disabled steps, etc. are undertaken.


Technical data

Services implemented

Repair, improvement or modification of different pavement areas in the sidewalks.
Repair, improvement or modification of street furniture.
Signalling and adaptation of different areas affected by particular circumstances. 

Service means

3 vans.
1 crane truck <3500kg.
1 crane truck >3500kg.
4 sets of mechanical equipment and tools (generator, engine-driven compressor, slide hammers, circular saws).

Tasks done

Between February and September 2015 over 1.600 operations have been carried out, mostly repairs of sinking sidewalks and replacement of worn out pavements.

Other means

Office, warehouse and mechanical workshop.

24/7/365 service.