Municipal Government of Parla recognizes Sorigué as a socially responsible company

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Municipal Government of Parla recognizes Sorigué as a socially responsible company

December 1, 2017

As part of its Social Responsibility Awards, the Madrid municipality of Parla recognized Sorigué for its contributions and commitment to the municipality.

On Thursday January 30, the Municipal Government of Parla presented to Sorigué and 13 other companies a Responsible Company Certificate, in recognition of Sorigué’s collaboration with the Parla Municipal Jobs Agency, its commitment to the municipality, and its contributions to the retraining of unemployed people and to job growth.

Presiding over the 2017 Social Responsibility Awards ceremony were Mayor Luis Martínez Hervás and Business Development, Training, and Employment Councilor José Manuel Zarzoso. CEO Manuel Vélez received the award on behalf of Sorigué, and José Lores, Sorigué Central Zone Director, was also in attendance.

Together with Sorigué, the businesses Tranvía de Parla, Grupo Temproing, Escuela Infantil Zarabanda, Atroe, Carpio Vilanco Cocinas, Serpa Servicios Integrales, Aquuarium Piscinas, Eutofirms, Afforord Industrial, Grupo AJ, Promociones Inmobiliarias Plan Sur, and Fundación Adecco were also recognized.

Electric cars

Prior to the ceremony, the company delivered two electric cars to be used by the municipal government technicians overseeing the maintenance contract held by Sorigué with the municipality. The company has installed a recharging station outside the municipal offices for these vehicles.

The company has three electric vans it uses to carry out green space and landscaping preservation and maintenance services in Parla.