Remodelling work on pavements in two squares in the district of Carabanchel, Madrid

Remodelling work on pavements in two squares in the district of Carabanchel, Madrid

Rehabilitation and accessibility improvement works on the pavements of Coímbra and Setúbal squares in the Carabanchel district.

District of Carabanchel. Madrid City Council
Type of service:
Public roads and signage
The project aims to improve accesses through civil works and landscaping works, including the following:
• Demolition of pavements and removal of kerbs.
• Demolition of the concrete-based pavement.
• Disassembly and removal of existing street furniture.
• Adaptation of entrances.
• General development with 50×50×8 cm concrete slab paving in different colours.
• Paving of drop kerbs with 20×20 hydraulic button tiles and 40×40 cm grooves.
• Construction of facing concrete block surround, topped with 50×20 tiles on the perimeter of the landscaped areas.
• Installation of Sol Baja model pedestrian fence, 84 cm high.
• Levelling of existing manholes and replacement of ductile cast iron gratings.
This action is included in the Framework Agreement for works and actions in green areas, roads and public spaces and basic municipal sports facilities (Section 2), under the jurisdiction of the District of Carabanchel.

Technical data

Removal and demolition
· 81 bollards dismantled.
· 1,221 m of kerb removed
· 5,580 m² demolition of pavement flooring.
· 77 m³ demolition of concrete base.
· 715 ml of fence dismantled.
· 25 granite benches removed.

Total paved area
· 273 m prefabricated kerb.
· 1,114 m² bush-hammered granite slab.
· 4,260 m² smooth granite slab.
· 17 m² hydraulic tile 20×20
· 38 m² hydraulic tile 40×40
· 495 m² grey concrete block 40×20×20
· 708 ml coping 50×20×4 cm

Services affected
· 89 manhole levelling to pavement
· 30 ductile cast iron grating.

Street furniture
· 168 ml Sol Baja MU-46B fence
· 20 dismantling and levelling of existing granite benches.