Pavement preservation in Granada

Pavement preservation in Granada

Preservation, pothole repairs, and pavement renovation for public municipal roads in Granada

Granada City Council
Type of service:
Public roads and signage

This service covers all necessary work for the repair, substitution, and renovation of pavement, for both roadways and sidewalks, in the city of Granada.

The work outlined in this contract is classified as pothole repairs, preservation, and renovation. This work is carried out by different kinds of labor, technical, and mechanical personnel.

One of the highlights of the project is the work completed by teams of artisans who are assembling impressive stone mosaics piece by piece.
The service provides a rapid intervention team that responds immediately to the community.


Technical data

Work teams:

Pothole repairs:
Interventions carried out on small, confined sections of pavement.

Interventions in open areas where the overall character of the area has deteriorated. In this case, the machinery used weighs much more, and the amount of materials required is also greater.

Service means:

Heavy machinery:
Backhoes, crane trucks, road rollers, an asphalt thermo container, concrete mixers, asphalt spreaders and dumper trucks.

Transport vehicles:
Vans, trucks, scooters, and passenger cars.


Additional resources and small machinery:
Circular saws, breaker hammers, generator, compressor, road signage.