Vallparadís Park, Terrassa


Vallparadís Park, Terrassa

Integrated maintenance of Parc de Vallparadís and Parc del Nord parks and the outdoor spaces of the Sant Pere churches monument, Terrassa.

Terrassa Municipal Council
From January 2009 to January 2014
Type of service:
Maintenance of green spaces

This integrated service covers all gardening upkeep, cleaning, water installation and lighting maintenance tasks, and includes: Gardening. Tree maintenance. Water installations. Plant health. Cleaning (bins, paths, WC, sanitation network). Preventative maintenance and mass changing of bulbs for lighting.

Street furniture (benches, playgrounds, bannisters, etc.). Paving (hard and soft). Promotion of activities, installation and breakdown of stages and seating. Pest control (pigeons, cats and rodents). Painting and anti-graffiti work. Locksmith work on fences and bannisters. And other tasks associated with the upkeep of these public spaces.


Technical data

Gardening data

Shrubbery: 16.266 m2.
Lawn: 44.380 m2.
Wooded area: 4.666,55 m2.
Grassland and embankments: 101.151,63 m2.

Pavement dimensions

Asphalt paving: 41.023.25 m2.
Tropical wood paving: 1.432,11 m2.
Cobbled: 288,06 m2.
Water curtains and ponds: 1.850 m2.