Refurbishment of a cleanroom at La Ribera Hospital in Valencia

Refurbishment of a cleanroom at La Ribera Hospital in Valencia

Renovation of the pharmacy storage area at La Ribera Hospital to convert it into a cleanroom, meeting rigorous hygiene conditions.

Conselleria de Sanitat Generalitat Valenciana
Type of service:
Building maintenance and rehabilitation
606.215€ (excluding VAT)

The pharmacy at La Ribera Hospital in the Valencian municipality of Alzira requires a cleanroom for the production of medication. To create this, the storage area was remodelled without affecting operations in the department.

The space needed to be finished at a very high standard to meet the hygiene protocols for these types of facilities, so special self-supporting metal panels were installed both on the outside and on the partitions that divide the interior spaces (pharmatechnology, cytostatics and mixtures).

To meet the environmental quality demands, an access control system was designed with airlocks and interlocking doors, along with a high-performance air conditioning system. These air showers serve two purposes: firstly, they apply extremely high levels of filtration to the incoming air, using absolute filters, and secondly, they extract air containing potential contaminants quickly and safely from the work area or cytostatic room.

The incoming air is filtered in three stages: pre-filtration, high-efficiency filtration and absolute filtration with terminal filters. For the air extraction in the cytostatic area, a redundant system for laminar flow hoods is used.

In the administration area, two offices and a pharmatechnology laboratory were built.

In the production area, the following facilities were built with positive pressure gradients:

  • Storage
  • Chiller
  • Sterile mixture preparation room
  • Pharmatechnology room

The cytostatic room, on the other hand, was set up with negative pressure. All of the elements installed in the new cleanroom were integrated with the hospital’s existing BMS.


Technical data

Technical details

Construction surface area
254 m2 Between the production area and the surrounding office space.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Air conditioning system: delivers 9000 m3/h to the room and extracts 6000 m3/h, without mixing air flows.

Hydraulic system: for power supply to the heat treatment coils for heating/cooling.

Other systems

5 special airlock systems (SAS): prevents the entry of contaminants as equipment can be transferred between rooms and outside without opening doors.

Interphone system: enables communication between the exterior and interior spaces.