Extension of the installations at San Juan de Dios socio-healthcare centre in Ciempozuelos

Extension of the installations at San Juan de Dios socio-healthcare centre in Ciempozuelos

Construction of a new unit with five wards to attend to the specific needs of the San Juan de Dios socio-healthcare centre in Ciempozuelos, Madrid.

San Juan de Dios Hospital Order
May 2019 – February 2021
Type of work:
Health centres
PMDJ Pérez Montero de Juan, architects. Javier Jiménez Sánchez Dalp
The San Juan de Dios socio-healthcare centre is a benchmark in mental health and care for people with intellectual disabilities. The extension of the building consisted of constructing a new unit whose facade presents different volumes marked by the staggered topography of the terrain. The difference in height between the east and west facades is also respected in order to provide two main entrances: one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. 
The works include: exterior enclosure, facade and waterproofing; interior masonry and cladding; air conditioning; installation of electrical networks; plumbing and urbanisation works. 
Vertical communications are divided into two parts. The main stairwell crosses the ground, first and second floors to connect the wards to the bed lift and ramp. On the other hand, the service area has its own stairwell, bed lift and service lift from the basement to the roof floor. One ward on the ground floor, two on the first floor and two more on the second floor complete the five wards constructed.  
The visiting rooms and consultation area, as well as the changing rooms for medical staff, the office and the dining room are located on the ground floor. The first floor has an area designated for waste and laundry, as well as a large laundry room. Changing rooms for centre staff are located on the second floor. 
Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof for the cogeneration of DHW and air conditioners that supply primary air to the fan coil network. Services are provided through the underground gallery of the complex in the basement where the production room, pump room, medical gas storage area and storage rooms are located. 

Technical data

Phenolic board panelling on battens 
2,976 m² 
Porcelain tiling in 3,000 x 1,000 x 3.5 mm pieces 
887 m² 
403 t
Terrazzo flooring 
3,962 m² 
External clamped glass railing 
110 m² 

Polymer concrete facade 
3,872 m²