Barcelona Zoo: Refurbishment of the elephant, giraffe, and lion habitats

Barcelona Zoo: Refurbishment of the elephant, giraffe, and lion habitats

This project consisted of three activities in the “Savanna” area of the zoo: restoration of the archaeological zone, expansion of the elephant yard, and hardware and interior finishes in the building housing the lions.

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM)
Octubre 2016 – mayo 2017
Type of service:
Building maintenance and rehabilitation
587.550,36 €

Restoration of archaeological zone: Archaeological remains were found during excavations in other stages of the Savanna area, leaving those sites open to catalog and document the remains. Work consisted of protecting and restoring the area up to the perimeter with the park.

Expansion of the elephant yard: The purpose of this activity was to expand the existing space by 950 square meters, including supply of sand and perimeter electric fencing with metal pillars. An automated feeder with three arms was also installed.

Lion building: All interior finishes were provided. Actions were focused primarily on hardware and installations, in addition to smaller structural works. The cages have been designed pursuant to the zookeepers’ criteria, incorporating security components consistent with this animal’s strength. One particular novelty is the separation between the cages, which was designed with reversible components so that the keepers can choose whether to allow individual lions to see one another as needed.

New lighting, heated flooring for cubs, climate control, and safety components were also installed. Walls and floors were given a final treatment with paints specially designed to help maintain and preserve these types of facilities.