Comprehensive refurbishment of the playgrounds of four schools located in the Usera district of Madrid

Comprehensive refurbishment of the playgrounds of four schools located in the Usera district of Madrid

Renovation works in the playgrounds of four schools in the Usera district. Demolishing dilapidated sports facilities made way for new leisure facilities. In addition, entrances were adapted for people with reduced mobility and new green areas were installed.

Usera district. Madrid City Council
Second half of 2020
Type of service:
Building maintenance and rehabilitation
The works in the playgrounds of four educational institutions in the district of Usera in Madrid include sanitation works, paving and the installation of new sports equipment and play areas. More than 11,000 m² of refurbished surface area in the infant and primary schools, CEIP Meseta de Orcasitas, Puerto Rico, República de Brasil and Gloria Fuertes. 
The first step consists of the demolition of sports courts in poor condition to replace them with new green areas with filtering earthen paving. The paving and construction of rest areas including steps and continuous benches was carried out. In addition, new play areas with ramps, hills and games and new stages for performances and school parties were installed. Sports facilities included volleyball courts and climbing walls.        
New sanitation and drainage networks were built to collect rainwater and trees were planted to provide nature and shade to the areas in the future.  
Depending on particular needs, entrances to schools and/or toilets were remodelled to facilitate access for people with physical limitations. There are also cases where children's fountains adapted for people with physical disabilities were installed.  
This project is included in the Framework Agreement for refurbishment, repair and conservation works for all the public buildings and spaces under the authority of the Usera district of the Municipal Council of Madrid, Plot 1. 

Technical data

Total work surface area

· Demolition of 3,000 m² of existing track 
· 6,400 m² of new dirt/sand (jabre) areas 
· 2,600 m² renovated paving stones/cobbles 
· 2,300 m² sports courts 
· More than 200 units of different plant species adapted to the needs of each school 
· 1,000 ml piping for rainwater collection 
· 8 adapted fountains for people with disabilities 
· Fencing at new access gates due to COVID-19 requirements (210 m²) 
· Access ramps with handrails 
Street furniture/equipment 

· Non-slip porcelain/resin steps, benches and stages with different finishes at all schools 
· Large play equipment
· Painted equipment at all schools (18 units) 
· 5 volleyball courts  
· 2 climbing walls