Maintainance of the Olympic Ring

Mantenimiento de la Anilla Olímpica

Maintainance of the Olympic Ring

Service maintenance of B: SM’s facilities and buildings such as the Olympic Ring in Palau Sant Jordi, Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, Volume Technical Center, Galleries and the Olympic Esplanade.

Barcelona Municipal Services (B: SM)
From 2011 to present
Type of service:
Building maintenance and rehabilitation

Providing maintenance services, in order to obtain the highest level of performance, safety, reliability and durability of these facilities comprising conductive, preventive and corrective maintenance as well as technical-legal maintenance during event celebrations.

The works differ in time and role: it can be daily, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, biannual or annual according to the needed specifications. At the beginning of the service a maintenance status report of the facility is conducted, which is incorporated to the CMMSof that specific service.


Technical data

Maintained facilities:

Conditioning: Cooling towers, heaters, ventilation, ice rink refrigeration, legionella control, ACS, etc.

Networks: Water, gas, pneumatic, electric and fire prevention.

Maintained facilities:

Electricity:electrical medium voltage, low voltage, generators, lighting, etc.

Mechanical equipment: pumps, valves, motors, groups, etc.

Means used for the services:

Conductive Maintenance:Actions aiming to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and the different elements in the facilities.

Preventive and Technical-Legal Maintenance: All these maintenance operations are repeated periodically for all of the facilities.

Corrective Maintenance:Actions, which are necessary for the proper on-going operations of the facilities. Priorities are set.