Maintenance of the Universitat de Lleida (UdL)

Maintenance of the Universitat de Lleida (UdL)

Maintenance of the facilities and components of the buildings of the UdL

Universitat de Lleida
March 2016 - February 2018 (two-year service)
Type of service:
Building maintenance and rehabilitation
1,105,922 € (VAT excluded)

Building preservation and maintenance services are provided, as well as maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities.

Two-year maintenance service of facilities and components of buildings, as well as preventive, conductive, regulatory, and corrective maintenance of electrical and electronic installations, water and gas pipes, heating and air conditioning, and security and fire protection equipment. 

Maintenance is also provided for IT and telecommunications systems and equipment at the buildings of Universitat de Lleida. Management and monitoring of incidents using a CMMS application. 


Technical data

Services to be performed

Maintenance and preservation services:
Preservation and maintenance of buildings.

Maintenance and repair of equipment and installations:
Maintenance and repair of electrical and electronic equipment and installations
Maintenance and repair of plumping, water, and gas pipes, equipment, and installations.
Maintenance and repair of heating and air conditioning equipment and installations.
Maintenance and repair of security and fire protection equipment and installations.

Information technology and communications services:
Maintenance and repair of IT and telecommunications equipment and installations.

Service resources

Maintenance services:
Qualified personnel
One industrial engineer.
One industrial designer.
Nine senior officers.
Support staff.
Four electric vehicles.