Maintenance of Barcelona Zoo

Maintenance of Barcelona Zoo

Integrated technical maintenance services for Barcelona Zoo. Preventative and corrective maintenance, cleaning services, gardening and associated refurbishment work.

Barcelona Serveis Municipals (BSM)
From November 2013 to December 2015
Type of service:
Building maintenance and rehabilitation

Barcelona Zoo is a unique place that calls for careful planning of all works and services carried out, in line with the needs of the different animal collections, as well as visitor numbers. Integrated maintenance services are carried out in the zoo with a crew of around 50 workers, with a continuous round-the-clock presence, 365 days a year.

On a complementary basis, the zoo also benefits from the recurring participation of other group undertakings/activities: Nordvert, underwater activities, Firtec...


Technical data

Services provided

Maintenance: Preventative, technical-legal, corrective and routine maintenance.

Cleaning: Roads and pavements, office and other buildings, public conveniences, windows and signs, refuse collection, swimming pools.

Gardening:Pruning and plant waste collection, lawn, outdoor shrubbery, indoor facilities and corrective maintenance.

Service resources

Maintenance: 14 workers
Cleaning: 20 workers
Gardening: 6 workers.

1 crane truck
2 electric trucks.
4 electric three-wheelers
1 articulated arm.
1 sweeper.

Service zoning

Area A:
Green Point, veterinary, water park, apes, sea lions, school, birds, gorillas, etc.
Area B:
Bucks, deer, Patagonia mother, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, etc.
Area C:
Seals, terrarium, baboons, wolves, tapirs, hippos, lockers and management.
Area D:
Wallabies, birds, open classroom, parrot square, cheetahs and cats, etc.