Restoration work and adaptation of the Ansaldo Tower as a new cultural centre in Sant Joan d'Alacant

Restoration work and adaptation of the Ansaldo Tower as a new cultural centre in Sant Joan d'Alacant

Restoration of the Ansaldo Tower in Sant Joan d'Alacant and construction of a new cultural facility that includes an exhibition centre, a visitor's centre, rehearsal rooms for the municipal orchestra and a library for the future music school.

Sant Joan d’Alacant Town Council
Type of work:
Cultural centres
GEA International S.L.U. Gerardo Sánchez Quesada / Leopoldo Román
Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (ACI) in the municipality of Sant Joan d'Alacant, the Ansaldo Tower dates back to the 16th century as part of a family fortress. The restoration has not only enhanced the structure as a cultural and urban landscape landmark, but also cleaned up the less interesting aspects of the complex and consolidated a new proposal for the building. The main hall has been fitted out as a centre for permanent and temporary exhibitions and the rest of the building will house a visitor's centre, the orchestra's rehearsal rooms and the library of the future music school. 
The lower part of the tower is solid and to access the interior it is necessary to climb the staircase, which is 2.25 m from the floor of the hall. The 
first floor houses the coordination and management offices, the administrative secretariat and general offices. 
The exhibition room is used for projections and the display of posters on the Alicante market garden and will also be used as a library, music library and video library for the Conservatorio de Música.
A multi-purpose hall has been built on the site of the old wine cellar for orchestra, band and choir rehearsals. The hall will open onto an outdoor space to allow for open-air concerts where the audience will be seated in the courtyard created to the south west of the building.

Technical data

Demolition of collapsed elements
751 m²
Manual chipping with archaeological monitoring of coatings
1,065 m²
Reinforcements with metal structure

11,008 kg
Recovery of sloping roofs
476 m²
Replacement of pebbled pavements using the traditional system 
113 m²
Traditional hydraulic lime mortar rendering
518 m²
Restoration of mural paintings and adaptation of exhibition material
Elaboration of the complete museum project