Improvement and redistribution works on the admissions building for the Ciudad de San Juan de Dios complex

Improvement and redistribution works on the admissions building for the Ciudad de San Juan de Dios complex

Partial renovation of the rehabilitation and admissions building at the Ciudad San Juan de Dios care centre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Orden Hospitalaria San Juan de Dios
Las Palmas
July 2022 – October 2023
Type of service:
2.080.692,00 € (excluding VAT)
Ciudad San Juan de Dios is a private institution that belongs to the Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios and it specialises in comprehensive care for people with special needs.

One of the buildings in the healthcare complex requires partial renovation, which needs to be planned over two phases as the facilities need to remain open to the public throughout the duration of the works.

The project shall be carried out over a total surface area of 1,952 m2: 1,114 m2 for phase 1 and 838 m2 for phase 2.

Phase 1

  • Adult rehabilitation: with the new layout, the building will have 11 compartmented boxes with translucent glass enclosures. Two changing rooms will also be built for users, along with a reception and waiting area. The existing changing rooms, reserved for personnel, will be relocated to expand the floor and provide three new speech therapy consultation rooms with their own waiting area.
  • Gymnasium: the vertical wall and ceiling cladding will be refurbished. The south-east facing façade of the gymnasium to the courtyard will be transformed into a 'curtain wall' and the light courtyard will also be converted for outdoor activities. On the opposite side of the façade to the courtyard, a glass enclosure will be created to provide visibility between the gymnasium and the rooms adjoining the space.
  • Replacement of the skylight in the administration hall: the polycarbonate skylight will be replaced by a new aluminium and glass solution with motorised windows. Vertical slats will be installed inside to provide indirect lighting.

Phase 2

  • Renovation of the children’s area: the majority of the bathrooms will remain in the same place, but the interior layout will be adapted for people with disabilities. The children’s occupational therapy space will be located next to the speech therapy and orthopaedics rooms so that the entire facility is connected to the gymnasium and the ‘new courtyard’.
  • Administration: the current layout will be modified and the staff toilets will be renovated.
  • Admissions: the current layout will be updated to considerably increase the number of consultation rooms.