Second phase of the San Juan Pablo II parish complex in Dos Hermanas, Seville

Second phase of the San Juan Pablo II parish complex in Dos Hermanas, Seville

Construction of the second phase of the San Juan Pablo II parish complex on an urban plot with an area of 2,562 m2, fitted with all services.

Archdioceses of Seville
April–September 2019
Type of work:
€1,373,154 (excluding VAT)
Rafael López García, architect, Daniel Fernad Conesa López, architect, Gabriel Ávalos Murillo, architect
The works consisted of the execution of the second phase of the Juan Pablo II parish centre, situated on Condes de Ybarra avenue, in Dos Hermanas, on a plot of land with an area of 2,562 m2.
The execution of the work on the whole complex was projected across two phases. The first phase comprised the parish offices, administrative area, function room, two parish dwellings and a central patio. The second phase included the church (assembly of the faithful), tabernacle chapel, sacristy and columbarium. 
The area for the work carried out in this second phase amounted to 1,204 m2. In this phase, annexed to the patio built in the first phase, a building with a trapezoidal floor was constructed, where the service offices are located for worship, i.e. the church, tabernacle chapel, sacristy, penitential chapel, the church choir and the baptismal font.
The joining of the new building with the existing building was carried out by way of a 520 m2 constructed covered gallery. This building also contains a small toilet for the sacristy and columbarium, and a store for equipment.

Technical data

691 m2 foundation slab
40,432 kg S275JR steel beams
8,645 kg S275 tubular steel trusses
145 m2 enclosure with glazed latticework ceramic block
1,271 m2 exposed brickwork façade
886 m2 Terrazzo
80 m2 Marble in chapel and accesses
714 m2 Knauf D127 acoustic drop ceiling
Wooden carpentry
1,365 m2 facing with 10 mm MDF board in cherry veneer
61 m2 triple glazing
5+5/16/5 leaded glass