Construction of CaixaForum Valencia in the Agora of the City of Arts and Sciences

Construction of CaixaForum Valencia in the Agora of the City of Arts and Sciences

Construction of the new building housing the cultural facility dedicated to the dissemination of culture and science. The 10,000 square metre facility includes two exhibition halls, an auditorium with capacity for around 300 people, a bookshop, a restaurant, and a family-friendly educational space.

“La Caixa” Foundation
April 2020 – June 2022
Type of work:
Cultural centres
Enric Ruíz-Geli – Cloud 9
The design of the building, by architect Enric Ruíz-Geli and his Cloud 9 studio, has been conceived as an artistic creation in its own right. Its structure forms a landscape through different capsules and a colossal shell, in which sustainability plays a major role. As such, the architecture of the original building and the new architectural work coexist in harmony with each other, facilitating their use for cultural purposes. 
In this regard, the construction project has been intended to enhance, and coexist within, the emblematic Agora at the City of Arts and Sciences, respecting the original concept of the building as a space for reflection, simultaneously transforming it into a new cultural space.
The central area of the lower floor is home to the two exhibition halls, creating a grandstand that will provide the true agora of the project. 

The auditorium with capacity for 300 people will be located at one end of the building, and at the other, the reception, bookshop and offices. In addition, the restaurant area enjoys a prime location on one side of the building, which means it can have its own entrance and exit. 

The CaixaForum Familia family-friendly and educational space is located above the exhibition halls. 

Photo credits: @Miguel Lorenzo. “La Caixa” Foundation @Máximo García. “La Caixa” Foundation 


Technical data

Titan Micropiles 2,728 ml
Metal structure bolted joint 540,695 kg
Plant building envelope 855 m²
Raised wooden walkway 1,861 m²
Acoustic enclosures 2,205 m²

Fibreglass structure clad with CUMELLA ceramics 1,352 m²
Stretch ceiling 861 m²
Flame retardant corrugated cardboard enclosure 951 m²
Advanced air conditioning and comfort systems, BMS and audiovisuals