Sorigué builds the new CaixaForum in Valencia

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Sorigué builds the new CaixaForum in Valencia

July 17, 2020

The business group refurbishes the Agora at the City of Arts and Sciences, which will be home to the new cultural space, preserving the original concept of the emblematic building in a project lasting 21 months.

The Sorigué business group is responsible for the completion of the new CaixaForum headquarters in Valencia. The new “La Caixa” Foundation cultural space will be housed in the unique Agora building at the City of Arts and Sciences.

The project, led by the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli and his Cloud 9 studio, entails the refurbishment of the space spanning a total of 6,500 m2 over a period of 21 months. The work, which began last March, was suspended during the health crisis and resumed at the end of April.

The project aims to enhance and coexist within the emblematic Agora at the City of Arts and Sciences, respecting the original concept of the building as a space for reflection, simultaneously transforming it into a new cultural space. 

Two exhibition halls will be built in the middle of the ground floor, creating a grandstand that will provide the true agora of the project. The auditorium with capacity for 300 people will be located at one end of the building, while the reception, bookshop and offices will occupy the other end.

In addition, the restaurant area will have a prime location on one side of the building, with a separate entrance and exit. The family-friendly and educational CaixaForum Familia space will be located on the upper floor, above the exhibition halls.

This project is carried out by the Central-South Construction Division of the Sorigué group. This major contract also represents the beginning of the business group’s activities in this Autonomous Community and it has opened its new delegation in Valencia.