Construction of a residential complex in Madrid with energy efficiency criteria

Construction of a residential complex in Madrid with energy efficiency criteria

A residential complex of 17 dwellings, an architectural project designed with efficient environmentally sustainable systems, has been built under the “turnkey” concept.

June 2019 – March 2021
Type of work:
Project: CGR arquitectos. Project management: Díaz / Rojo arquitectos
Located on the corner between Calle Arturo Soria and Calle Manuel Marañón in Madrid, the residential complex consists of 17 dwellings distributed across two independent buildings above ground level. This new development has a single access point and a communal garage below ground level. The two L-shaped blocks are four storeys high and the facades, parallel to the streets, make the most of the south-eastern part of the plot where the swimming pool is located.
With a special emphasis on design quality, this architectural project includes insulation of the building envelope to ensure energy efficiency and indoor health and comfort. 
In addition, environmental sustainability measures have been ensured to extend the future useful life of the building. An efficient aerothermal system provides homes with DHW and air conditioning through underfloor heating/cooling and fan coils. Moreover, the properties are equipped with dual-flow ventilation with heat exchange.
There is a ground floor, four flats and two penthouses at the entrance on Calle Manuel Marañón, while there is a ground floor, two duplexes, five flats and two penthouses at the entrance on Calle Arturo Soria. 
With top quality finishes and brands, the homes can have two, three or four bedrooms depending on type and they are also equipped with two bathrooms. There is an additional toilet in ground floor flats. The kitchen and living room are integrated into a single space but are clearly differentiated from the bedroom and bathroom areas. Each property has large outdoor terraces and the ground floor apartments have private gardens of over 100 m². 
The communal areas are developed and landscaped and complemented by shared facilities such as the swimming pool and meeting room. Each flat has a storage room and parking space with electric charger pre-installation.

Technical data

Plot surface area
2,407 m²
In-situ bored piles
578 ml
H.A. slabs and floor slabs
3,407 m²
10 cm insulation SATE facade 
1,807 m²
120 x 30 cm ventilated panel facade
456 m²
Hamilton oak EGGER floorboard
740 m²
10 + 10 double butyral glass railing
131 ml
Complete kitchen equipment 
17 units