The Alhambra Gardens

The Alhambra Gardens

Maintenance service for the groves of Gomérez and San Pedro, and ancillary work on the plant life of this historical monument complex.

Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and Generalife
From 2014 to 2016
Type of service:
Woodland management

Arboriculture, clearance, plantation, watering, fertilising and waste management work.

This service includes upkeep work on all the plant life in the Gomérez and San Pedro woods, paying special attention to arboriculture work.


Technical data

Total surface area

111.669,80 m2
Alameda de Gomérez: 69.105.20 m2
Bosque de San Pedro: 42.564,60 m2

Work included in the service

Arboriculture work: Pruning, tree surgery and selective felling.

Undergrowth clearance.

Woodland regeneration plantations.

Manual watering and control of automatic watering.


Fertilisation of plantations.

Plant health control.

Management of plant waste produced.