Renovating two parks in Madrid’s Carabanchel district

Renovating two parks in Madrid’s Carabanchel district

Refurbishing and improving parks on Calle Tinamús and Calle Girasol in Carabanchel. This project is part of the Framework Agreement – Lot 2: “Works and Projects in Green Areas, Roads and Public Spaces and Basic Sports Facilities” in Madrid City Council’s Carabanchel District.

Municipal Council of the Carabanchel District (Madrid City Council)
Type of service:
Maintenance of green spaces
498.858,79 €

The parks on Calle Tinamús and Calle Girasol in Madrid’s Carabanchel district need to be completely overhauled for the use of the sports, play and walking areas. Some of the public works carried out at both parks include: 

  • Lifting old pavement and opening new entrances for better accessibility.
  • Building exposed brick garden retaining walls finished with white coping stone. 
  • Renovation of the drainage and sewerage network. 
  • Installing a new garden irrigation system. 
  • Relandscaping the gardens with grass and new plants. 
  • Paving the park walking areas and surrounding entrances with Orgaz-style concrete paving blocks, 15x15 cm hydraulic tiles, 20x1x8 cm colour concrete paving blocks, aerated concrete paving blocks and SBR rubber end-to-end flooring. 
  • Installing new play areas. 
  • Renewing local signs. 
  • Setting back lights outside of play areas. 

Lastly, a double handrail was also installed at the Girasol Park. 


Technical data

Playground Equipment 

390 m2 area featuring a variety of thermoformed play equipment 

· 1 playground 

· 1 medium-sized multifunctional play equipment 

· 2 carousels 

· 2 swing sets with basket seats 

· 2 play area signposts 

Parks and Gardens 

· 138 units of Pittosporum “nanum” 

· 93 units of Abelia floribunda 

· 380 units of Juniperus horizontalis 

· 216 units of Nandina domestica 

· 246 units of Sevillian rose bush 

· 215 units of Cerastium Tomentosum 

· 100 units of Tecrium fruticans 

Sports Equipment 

· 16 bollards 

· 12 metal bins 

· 32 wooden benches 

· 38 m double handrail 

· 40 m metal fence for playground