Green zone maintenance at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

Green zone maintenance at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

Maintenance, conservation, and cleaning activities in the green zones, the elimination of plant colonies for the the purpose of soil conservation, as well as actions taken for the prevention of forest-related risks and the management of companion animals and wild fauna within the boundaries of the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant.

Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós II, A.I.E.
Start: January 2017. Duration: 1 year (+2 years)
Type of service:
Maintenance of green spaces

This service consists of the maintenance and conservation of green zones at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant and in surrounding forested areas.

The space to be maintained covers approximately 464 hectares, divided in nine separate zones based on type. This service encompasses several tasks, such as:





- Conservation of trees and shrubs.
- Conservation of lawns
- Conservation of areas with seasonal flowers
- Operations for the prevention of fire risk
- Cleanliness of exterior spaces and soil conservation
- Plant health
- Preservation of the irrigation network.


Technical data

Monitoring of exterior spaces
Grass: 2300 m²
total: 314 units
Pruning/trimming: 259 units
Cleaning and clearing: 1,200 m2

Double fence perimeter
Natural grass: 14,100 m²
Artificial grass: 250 m²
total: 317 units
Pruning/trimming: 193 units
Cleaning and clearing: 16,050 m2

Visitor and access room
Grass: 6,900 m²
Ground cover: 1,400 m²
total: 482 units
Pruning/trimming: 363 units
Cleaning and clearing: 3,200 m2

110 KV compound and almond orchard
Trees / shrubs
total: 659 units
Pruning/trimming: 336 units
Cleaning and clearing: 300,000 m2

Tower and Pump House Area
Ground cover: 600 m2
total: 858 units
Pruning/trimming: 665 units
Cleaning and clearing: 37,400 m2

ECAI to Flix Control access
Cleaning and clearing: 9,000 m2


Barranco de Pochos
total: 48 units
Pruning/trimming: 18 units
Cleaning and clearing: 7,500 m2

ECAI and parking areas
Natural grass: 3,080 m²
Artificial grass: 370 m²
total: 840 units
Pruning/trimming: 513 units
Cleaning and clearing: 4,550 m2

Contractor Companies
Artificial grass: 150 m²
Trees / shrubs
total: 67 units
Pruning/trimming: 64 units
Cleaning and clearing: 14,000 m2