Street cleaning and park and garden maintenance

Street cleaning and park and garden maintenance

Public street cleaning and park and garden maintenance service in the municipal district of Pulianas.

City Council of Pulianas
From July 2015 to 2019 (+2 years)
Type of service:
Maintenance of green spaces

This service includes conservation and maintenance of urban parks, garden areas, street trees, planters, furniture, children’s parks and street cleaning for the roads and pavements in the municipal district.

The main actions to be performed are:

Street and pavement cleaning in the municipal district.  
Cleaning the bin areas.
Park maintenance and cleaning.

Maintenance of the street trees.
Phytosanitary treatments.
Maintenance of the hydraulic network.
Maintenance of children’s play areas.


Technical data

Parks: 47.020 m2

Lawn: 7,451 m2.
Bushes: 1,302 m2.
Growing area: 17,008 m2.
Hard pavement: 22,383 m2.

Street trees

Trees: 314 units
Hedge: 476 l.m.