Campos Elíseos Park

Campos Elíseos Park

Full maintenance of Campos Elíseos Park (Lleida).

City Council of Lleida
From October 2010 to 2012 (+2 years)
Type of service:
Maintenance of green spaces

Maintenance and conservation of roadways and promenades, flowerbeds, lakes, fountains, children’s play areas, toilets and arbours. Parking areas are also included in the parking lot of the Park, the Trade Fair, Cappont School and the promenades of the Lyceum School.

Maintenance of the plant material (trees, bushes and lawn).
Phytosanitary treatments.
Maintenance of the water installations and structural elements.

Maintenance and conservation of the equipment.
Cleaning all kinds of pavements, fountains and sand pits.
Surveillance service.
Refurbishment and maintenance of the ornamental fountains.


Technical data

Asphalt pavement: 4,506 m².
Slab pavement: 12,203 m².

Soft pavement (coarse sand): 21,267 m².
Lawn: 3,503 m².