Cold recycling with emulsion

Cold recycling with emulsion

Cold recycling with emulsion is without doubt the most sustainable road surface rehabilitation technique.

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In-place surface rehabilitation. This technique permits structural rehabilitation of old surfaces using a homogeneous mixture of milled material from the existing surface, bitumen emulsion, water and possibly additives. All this is carried out at ambient temperature in a single, in-place process. 

Cost savings and environmental sustainability

Huge reductions in greenhouse gas, vapours and solid particle emissions compared to other techniques, as it is carried out at ambient temperature. The cold in-place recycling technique reduces CO2e emissions by 45% compared to milling and resurfacing.

Major energy savings in every step of the process: raw materials, treatment, manufacture, transport, spreading and tipping, ensuring lower production costs. Rehabilitation costs are 25% lower for a structurally equivalent section.

Use of fewer natural resources, waste recovery, lower carbon footprint, circular economy.

Extensive technical knowledge and specialisation

The capacity to provide twin equipment deployed in parallel means the full lane width can be treated, thus obtaining better geometric characteristics, especially crosswise, and minimising lengthways joints.

Optional design and manufacture of specific emulsions in our facilities, adapted to the characteristics and needs of the existing surface.

Over 30 million m2 executed by our teams since 1993 make us a benchmark in the industry, guaranteeing experience and ensuring proper execution. 



It is an efficient and sustainable alternative to the conventional ‘milling and replacing’ process, as it fully reuses the old materials on the road.
The work system means the mechanical properties of the treated surface are regenerated, producing a fully homogeneous surface.
It is performed in a single operation

The equipment consists of:

A large supply tank with two compartments for emulsion and water.
A high-performance miller-mixer with the capacity to process existing paving and produce an appropriate grain size. Dosing equipment for water and emulsion injection.
Paving and pre-compaction screed with continuous distributor and automatic levelling system.
Compaction equipment consisting of a 35-t isostatic pneumatic compactor and 17-t tandem roller.
Protective spray system for the maturing and curing process.



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