Greater joint movement absorption without compromising structural capacity.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Expansion joints. Firmastic is a hot bitumen mix especially designed for application in expansion joints in bridges and panels in sections with heavy traffic.

Applications and executed projects

The mixture can be applied to 30-120 cm joints and thickness of 4-12 cm. The individual requirements in each joint are analysed before application. 

Joints on the AP-7 motorway between sections PK 125+000 and 147+500, in both directions.
Joints in the Huesca main roads A-139 and A-221 in Benasque, A-138 in Aïnsa and A-1605 in Graus.
Joints in the bridge over the River Segre in Lleida, link between the LL-11 and N-230 (Passeig de Ronda).
Joints in the bridge over the River Segre in Lleida, between Avinguda de l’Estudi General and Avinguda de Catalunya.
Joints on the bridge over the railway line in Balaguer, in the C-26 variation (Lleida).



The choice of granulometric curve, bitumen PMB 45/80-65, fibres and specific additives gives the mixture the following characteristics:
Greater structural capacity (T00 traffic).
Good flexibility at low temperatures.

Resistance to plastic deformity at high temperatures.
Good adherence.
Quick application and opening to traffic.



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