Asphalt mixture designed to withstand high stress.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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The mixture of Fireffort and BM-3c bitumen with added fibres is especially designed to meet the requirements for withstanding the high levels of stress on the wearing course. It is applied to roads with a slope of over 15%, roundabouts, slippery curves and areas of adverse weather and where salt is used.

This mixture has been successfully employed on curves, roundabouts, slippery sections, roads with slopes of over 15% and areas affected by severe weather, without compromising safety properties.
Streets in the district of Torre Baró, with 22% slopes (Barcelona).
Streets in the Carmel district of Barcelona, with 18% slopes (Conca de Tremp).

Roundabout at lorry entrance to the Promsa company (Pallejà, Barcelona).
IDIADA braking track (Santa Oliva, Tarragona).
Lorry entrance to the El Corte Inglés car park (Barcelona).
Roundabouts in Zona Franca (Barcelona).
Carrer La Floresta with a 32% slope (St. Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona).
Roundabout with a high volume of heavy traffic in Fondarella (Lleida).



The structure based on internal friction of the aggregate prevents deformities. By adding fibres a better quality binder can be used without producing creep. 

The BM-3c modified bitumen ensures adhesiveness of all the components and guarantees that tangential stresses can be withstood. The differences between Fireffort mixtures and those in O.C.24/2008 are in their mechanical behaviour.