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High-performance hot surface treatment.

Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
Material location:
Barberà del Vallès, Balaguer, Vilaseca, Villanueva de Gállego

We reinvent the wearing course. The Rugofir system consists of the combined application of a spray of modified bitumen emulsion (Elastam), followed by laying an ultrafine layer of hot bitumen mix. It is carried out using a paver fitted with a spray ramp.

Execution process

The paver incorporates a spray ramp that applies the emulsion just before the paving screed. When the hot bitumen mix and emulsion come into contact, they are destabilised, accelerating their breakage. This causes residual highly modified bitumen in the emulsion to coat the aggregates in the mixture, ensuring complete integration.

The total bitumen, in the mixture and in the emulsion, creates a much richer mastic, thus also ensuring adherence between layers and making it more impermeable. This makes it more resistant to frost and dirt and easier to clean, thus maintaining its SFC values. This ensures road safety.

The method avoids having to wait for the emulsion curing time elapse before laying the mixture. The execution speed means lower commissioning times. The road can be opened to traffic no more than 20 minutes after spreading.

Depending on the type of road, initial milling of the layer for refurbishing or adherent spraying on the surface are not necessary, as the treatment is applied directly to the existing surface. 

Executed projects

31,200 m2 on the A-131 main road from Huesca to Sariñena (Aragón).
59,000 m2 on the A-2617 main road in the Cerler mountain pass in Aragón. The aim was to provide paving to resist frost and the wear produced by snow ploughs.
6,000 m2 in Plaça de Les Glòries in Barcelona for the City Council.
7,000 m2 on the N-340 main road through L’Ordal (Barcelona) for the Ministry of Public Works.
18,000 m2 in the tunnels of the AUMAR AP-7 motorway for Abertis, to improve the SFC in the tunnel zones.
1,500 m2 in Quatre Camins (Pallejà, Barcelona) for the Ministry of Public Works.
27,000 m2 in the Levant dock of the Port of Tarragona to refurbish the existing wearing course. Firbond colour treatment was also applied to distinguish between a sports and leisure zone in the dock and the traffic lanes for different users.
36,000 m2 in the streets of Granada for the City Council and 27,000 m2 on the GR-3311 road for Granada Provincial Council.
25,400 m2 on the C-55 road for the Catalan Government.



Rugofir is an high-performance ultrafine microagglomerate consisting of the combined application of a spray of highly modified bitumen emulsion, followed by an ultrafine layer of hot bitumen mix. The result is a wearing course approximately one centimetre thick with high bitumen content provided by both the bitumen mix and the emulsion.

The Rugofir system provides all the requirements for a single-grain layer: This property prevents granules in the mixture being dislodged by traffic over time. Consequently, the layer maintains its initial surface characteristics for much longer. This ensures a long service life for the material.

A wearing course with a negative texture is obtained, providing greater contact surface between tyre and paving. 

The treatment adapts to the requirements of the paving, as small variations in grain size in the mixture produce surface textures of 0.8 to 2 mm and SFC values of up to 80.

With this treatment, the main parameters required for a wearing course are re-established and maintained over time. In addition, the high binder content means the treatment waterproofs the surface, seals existing cracks and provides anti-bending properties in fissures.

It offers much better performance than normal techniques, minimising impact on road users and increasing safety.



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