A finish for asphalt pavements that reveals the natural stone included in the mix, enhancing the inner beauty of the material when polished.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Naturalness with all the benefits. Naturasfalt is a wearing course finishing system that takes full advantages of the benefits of asphalt. Through proper selection of aggregates, colors, and the ability to use 100% recycled materials and by-products, we reveal the inner beauty of the asphalt.


First, the asphalt is spread out with the chosen design. Asphalt pavement has the same performance characteristics as any other bituminous mix: high performance and the ability to accommodate both wheeled and pedestrian traffic only a few hours after compacting.

The day following spreading and compaction, pavement finishing tasks can begin, with intelligent polishing. These tasks are very fast and produce results very similar to plain asphalt and can be carried out with open pedestrian traffic. They do not generate noise or dust, and if a polyurethane resin finish is not added, the surface can be opened to traffic immediately.

Completed projects

Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona
Plaza Castell and Rambla 15 de abril (promenade) in La Cononja
Rambla Poble Nou (promenade) in Barcelona
Montesny School in Sant Just Desvern
Pegaso School in Barcelona
Sant Lluís-Bosch School in Begues
Pl. Constitució in Les Borges Blanques



Naturasfalt is a continuous, flexible, decorative asphalt pavement. Its design allows for infinite combinations through the choice of colors and sizes of the aggregates, to achieve different finish types. The finish design makes it possible to adapt to the environment and blend naturally with existing paved surfaces. The study of the composition of the mix and the flexibility provided by the asphalt ensure a high-quality, durable paved surface.

Design of the bituminous mix to achieve the customer’s chosen finish. This system makes it possible to combine the various aggregate colors and sizes and to color the mix with pigments.
Manufacture, spreading, and compacting of the bituminous mix and subsequent polishing.

Continuous, flexible, long-lasting pavement that can be laid down in a short time. The material’s viscoelastic behavior prevents premature cracking and allows the surface to adapt to movements of the pavement. These features prolong the surface’s useful life.
Replacement of asphalt of this type is faster than with other paving surfaces, and color differences are minimized due the intelligent polishing process.
Because it incorporates the materials used in bituminous mixes for roadways, NATURASFALT meets all requirements for slip resistance.
The smart polishing system makes it possible to choose the final microtexture of the finish, further improving slip resistance.