Enriched gravel-emulsion

Enriched gravel-emulsion

Rehabilitation technique that is versatile, affordable and adaptable to challenging environments.

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Enriched gravel-emulsion. Homogeneous mixture of graded aggregates, bituminous emulsion, water and, occasionally, additives. It is made and laid at room temperature. Storable, applied in supports, braces or layers under the roadbed.

Main features

  • Very versatile mix with high support capacity and great flexibility, a quality that allows it to withstand fatigue and avoid the manifestation of fissures, making it a self-repairing material.
  • Ideal for use in base and sub-base layers in new construction surfaces, or as a base layer and anti-lifting layers for fissures in reinforcements. Furthermore, it is one of the best materials to use for adjustments, re-shaping, expanding, patching and repairs.
  • Its continuous mineral skeleton and the high internal friction provided by the coarse aggregate gives the mixture its high resistance to compression and distortion. The bituminous mortar made of the fine aggregate and the emulsion provides cohesion, resistance to traction and flexion and a good degree of waterproofing.
  • The formulation can be adapted to the needs of each project. With regard to the characteristics of the aggregate, it is possible to adapt the type of emulsion and additives to achieve the desired performance, such as the storage period, workability, mechanical resistance, etc.
  • It is made and spread at room temperature. In addition, it also offers the option to use local aggregates or recycled material from bituminous mixtures: This provides an entirely sustainable alternative that has a lower environmental impact and is easier for the work teams to handle than conventional mixtures.

Implementation process

  • It is created in a plant equipped with a minimum of three aggregate chutes with a weight-controlled dispenser, an elevator belt, a mixer with blades with parallel axes, and emulsion and water tanks with dispensers and diffusors.
  • The natural moisture of the aggregates is controlled and corrected until it meets the optimum level with pre-wrapped moisturization.
  • The placement can be carried out using a paver or grader, depending on the use. For sufficiently significant works, a paver is recommended as it offers a better guarantee of consistency and a good finish. For resurfacing works or similar projects, a grader provides the best functional flexibility, as it allows ridges of the material to be distributed and then spread to variable thicknesses, including levels equal to zero.
  • A medium or large pneumatic compactor is recommended to compact the mixture, based on the thickness of the layer, in order to create a strong compressed effect. A metal roller is recommended to provide initial stability with the first passes and a good finish. This may differ from the spreading process.
  • It is a mixture that progressively gains strength. The cohesion of the mixture will increase until it reaches its final level, in a time that can vary from hours to several days, based on the characteristics of the mixture, the environmental conditions, traffic, and the drainage features of the support.
  • Quick implementation. It allows traffic circulation to be maintained during the work, which can be walked on before the unit is finished.


There are three types of gravel-emulsion mixtures, depending on the use that the granulometric curve of the aggregates is for: GE1 - GE2 - GE3.

40 - - 100
31.5 100 100 -
20 80-100 80-100 -
12.5 66-82 58-86 -
8 54-69 43-73 -
4 38-54 26-55 26-62
2 26-40 17-40 18-50
0.5 13-22 9-23 9-33
0.25 8-16 7-18 -
0.125 5-10 4-14 -
0.063 2-5 2-10 2-13

Aggregates: Natural, artificial, milling of recycled material from bituminous mixtures, bituminous emulsion: C60B7 GE, C60B6 GE.

Water: Used to improve the dispersion of the emulsion with the aggregate and the workability of the mixture, and to obtain the appropriate density of the mixture once it is compacted.


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