Cladding material that provides various colour combinations for adding new designs to paving.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Another way to add colour. Firbond-Pu is a two-component product made of hybrid polyurethane resin combined with crystobalite calcined at 1,600ºC. It is a cladding material designed for applying to asphalt. It is water resistant and suitable for moderate to intense traffic conditions.

Execution process

Firbond-Pu is applied as a multi-layer cladding system for asphalt surfaces. The execution process consists of applying two layers of product at an amount of 1.2 to 1.6 kg/m2 depending on the surface texture of the existing paving. From 0.8 to 1.2 kg/m2 of calcined bauxite is applied between each layer of Firbond-Pu .

Execution and projects

It is applied in problematic sections requiring a high degree of safety, to braking zones or for decorative purposes. Surface preparation (cleaning and drying) is essential to ensure good adherence. Application temperature should be over 10 ºC.
ETC lanes for light and heavy vehicles on the AP-7, AP-2 motorways and Cadí tunnel.
Fuel-resistant treatment at La Jonquera.
Sports centres in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona).
Plaça dels Avets and Parc Can Gambús in Sabadell.
Levant dock in the Port of Tarragona.
Intersections and braking zones on the C-55 road.
Cycle lanes in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Matadepera (Barcelona).



Applying Firbond-Pu increases the durability of the paving, doubling the working life of the asphalt. It also protects and strengthens the shapes produced by engraving (in the case of stamped asphalt).
It has slip- and fuel-resistant properties: durable, wear-resistant and non-slip.
It shortens braking distances in stopping zones.
It offers excellent adherence.
Flexible paving: it adapts to movements in the asphalt.
It maintains the surface texture of the asphalt layer to which it is applied.
Colour stability. Wide variety RAL system colours.
It reduces the surface temperature of the paving by around 4ºC. 

The Firbond-Pu system permits calcined bauxite to be added between layers, thus improving the microtexture of the wearing course and increasing slip resistance. The treatment has a corundum-based mineral load. Calcined bauxite can also be added to the application, increasing the mineral load of the treatment and improving tyre grip.