Stamped asphalt

Stamped asphalt
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Stamped asphalt

Paving finishing system for engraving designs on hot asphalt.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Asphalt with imagination. The stamped asphalt system consists of imprinting custom designs into asphalt pavement.

The first step is to spread the Firprint asphalt mix, which is specially designed to ensure high-definition stamping. The mesh containing the chosen design is then placed on top of the pre-compacted asphalt, which is then compacted with a vibratory bed, leaving the pattern perfectly stamped into the asphalt surface. Finally, a Firbond-Pu color treatment is applied to protect and give color to the surface.

There are endless applications for stamped asphalt, including: Reconstruction of areas with deteriorating prefabricated pieces, parking lots, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, overpasses, parks, roundabouts, residential areas, and 30 km-per-hour zones.

Completed projects

30 km-per-hour zone in Sant Andreu (Barcelona)
Calle Verdi and calle Aguileras in Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona).
Camino a la Hermita (El Vendrell).
Streets of la Bisbal del Penedès.
Calle Dressera in Vallvidrera (with a steep slope).
Bierge Hostel in Huesca.
Streets of Mollerussa.
In the Arenys de Mar port (Barcelona).
Formigal Plaza in El Formigal (Huesca).
Calle San Miguel in Paticosa (Huesca).
McDonald’s in Terrassa (Barcelona)
Rambla Onze de Setembre (promenade) (Barcelona).



This finishing system offers a functional alternative to placing paving stones or prefabricated pieces, while creating similar designs in asphalt surfaces. It can be laid quickly and is easy to maintain. Thanks to the flexibility of the asphalt base, this system offers greater stability and durability than paving stones, since it is more resistant to cracking and to traffic stress.

Easy application and fast opening to traffic.
Smooth, joint-free asphalt base.
Easy to repair and maintain.
Wide variety of customizable designs and colors.



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