Stamped asphalt

Stamped asphalt
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Stamped asphalt

A versatile pavement finishing system as many designs can be stamped onto a hot bituminous mix.

Technical asphalts
Aficsa, Firtec, Sorigué, Vialex
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Asphalt with a wide range of uses. Stamped asphalt is a stamping system with various customisable designs for asphalt paving and which is able to recreate different types of finishes. It is finished off with Firbond-Pu colour treatment, which is both non-slip and fuel-resistant.
Application and uses
The Firprint hot bituminous mix (AC 8 surf PMB 45/80-65 D), specifically designed to optimise the system, is spread before the chosen design is stamped. 
The mesh is placed on top of the pre-compacted asphalt and then the chosen design is stamped using a vibratory plate.
Completed projects
This system has endless applications thanks to its versatility:
• Reconstruction of areas with deteriorated pre-fabricated pieces
• Pedestrian pavements and paths
• Car parks
• 30 km/h areas
• Overpasses and pedestrian bridges
• Parks
• Residential areas
• Road traffic areas


• Finishing system offering a functional alternative to paving stones or prefabricated pieces.
• Thanks to the flexibility of the asphalt mix, this system guarantees greater stability and durability than prefabricated pieces and is more resistant to fissures and cracks.
• The stamped pieces do not move under the stress of traffic.
• Improved properties of prefabricated pavement while maintaining the designs.
• Non-slip and fuel-resistant Firbond-Pu colour treatment.
• Wide variety of customisable designs and colours for every situation.
• Simple application and fast opening to traffic.
• Easier and quicker to repair and maintain.


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