Supply and installation of grates and grate cleaners

Suministro e instalación de reja y sistema limpiarrejas

Supply and installation of grates and grate cleaners

Molino Badiola, S.L.
August 2016 - November 2016
Type of work:

The design, manufacture, assembly, and commissioning of a hydraulically-driven grate-cleaning system; the system includes a conveyor belt for the removal of waste. Molino de Puente Alba Hydroelectric Plant, La Robla, León.

The new hydroelectric plant at Molino de Puente Alba is located on the Bernesga River, in the municipality of La Robla, León. Its installed power is 2.5 MW, with a design flow rate of 14 m3/s and a gross head of 19.6 meters. Its estimated annual production is 9,400 Mwh/year.

The significant volume of debris carried by the Bernesga River (leaves, trunks, branches, silt, etc...) during periods of maximum flow forced the shut-down of the plant on several occasions during its first months of operation, with consequent major generation losses. 

As a result, a project was undertaken to install a completely new system of grates and automatic grate cleaners at the inlet to the bypass channel built by Coutex. 


Technical data


Grate measuring 8.0 m wide and 4.3 m high, with 100 mm of space between the bars, manufactured entirely of S235 carbon steel.

Grate-cleaning system:

Oil-hydraulic drive system with one lifting cylinder and two approach cylinders. The grate-cleaning system has been designed with a lifting capacity exceeding 5000 kg. 

Conveyor belt:

A belt 600 mm wide and 9.0 m long for removing waste materials collected in the grate-cleaning system.