Replacement of the head intake sluice gates of the Urgell canal in Ponts

Replacement of the head intake sluice gates of the Urgell canal in Ponts

Disassembly of old structures and subsequent adaptation work and installation of new sluice gates for the Urgell canal, a hydraulic system that allows for the irrigation of 70,242 hectares, undertaken by Coutex, Sorigué’s hydraulic projects and equipment company.

Comunitat General de Regants dels Canals d'Urgell
January – February 2022
Type of work:

Considered one of the most important hydraulic engineering works in Europe in the 19th century, the Urgell canal brought about a true transformation of the environment, on a natural, economic and social level. Located on the left bank of the River Segre, this infrastructure carried water to the crop fields of various towns in the regions of Urgell, El Pla d’Urgell, La Noguera, El Segrià and Las Garrigues. 

To be precise, there are two canals and four main irrigation ditches. The main canal, connecting the town of Ponts with Montoliu de Lleida, is 144.2 km long and the four main irrigation ditches branch off from it. The secondary canal, which is 76.6 km long, runs from the Sant Llorenç de Montgai reservoir until joining the main canal in the municipality of Artesa de Lleida. A hydraulic system that allows for the irrigation of 49,490 farms spread over an area of 70,242 hectares for the benefit of some 77,000 inhabitants. 

With just three weeks to execute this project, it was necessary to carefully consider the specific characteristics of the existing gates: age; interior location; and inaccessible concrete frames. There are nine 1,500 x 3,000 mm wall-mounted sluice gates in 316L stainless steel.

Once the existing gate elements were disassembled, the spindles were taken to the workshop to be adapted to the new panels. Despite the short amount of time available, it was necessary to modify the civil works in order to install the new gates. Once assembled, the equipment was tested and it was possible to put it into operation in time for the canal to resume its activity.


Technical data


Crane truck:
Removal and installation of panels.

Spider crane:
For manoeuvres inside the gate house.

Cutting and demolition tools

Sluice gate details

Width: 1,500 mm
Height: 3,500 mm

316L stainless steel