Waste management from WWTP in Montornés del Vallés

Waste management from WWTP in Montornés del Vallés

Integrated management service for roughing, sand and sludge waste created by the Montornès WWTP.

UTE Montornés
From January 2015 to 2017
Type of service:
Water treatment infrastructures
€220,000 per year (excl. VAT)
Treatment plants, Inert waste

The service consists in the collection, transportation, recovery or final disposal of the waste created by the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at Montornès del Vallès. At the start of the WWTP’s operations, the UTE Montornès joint venture contracted NORDVERT to carry out its integrated waste management.

Since then, we have performed the integrated management of the waste produced at the WWTP, carrying out the collection, transportation, and recovery or final disposal of the different types of waste collected.


Technical data

Collection point

Montornès WWTP.

Waste type

Sand, sludge and waste from roughing process.

Amount of waste

Roughing: 150 tonnes per year.
Sand: 500 tonnes per year.
Sludge: 11.500 tonnes per year.

Waste destination

Roughing: controlled landfill.
Sand: controlled landfill.
Sludge: agricultural use.

Trucks used for services

3 tractors.
3 aluminium tubs.
2 track carriers.